Belmont Wanderers Football Club

Club Staff

BWFC has various volunteers and club members at the moment.  The club is committed to ensuring that its employees receive the training and development required to deliver improved performance.  This business plan demonstrates the Directors’ ambitions to provide a solid club on the Belmont Pitches and to take advantage of the ground for the community providing the community with environments conducive to excellent performance.

Club Roles

Chairman – Les Burgess

Vice Chairman – Trevor Hill

Club Secretary – Stephen Samuel

Boys Secretary – Les Holder / Kye Sheffield

Treasurer – Jason O’keefe

Club Welfare Officer – Kira Gittoes / Mick Jennings

Head of Girls Development – Paige Parry (assisted by Chris Tipping)

 Commercial Director – Mark Beavan

Club Directors:

Trevor Hill

Mick Jennings

Les Burgess

Stacey Tipping

Shaun Smith

Nicholas Taylor

Ginny Hill

Coaches & Managers

Jason O’Keefe U8 Boys

Dan Pitt Under 9 Boys

Andy Pearce U9 Lions

Les Holder/Kye Sheffield u10 Boys

Chris Tipping U11 Boys

Finn Myers / Mark Pugh U12 Boys

Simon Thompson U12s Colts

Chris Tipping Ladies Senior Side

Pete Pusharski / Kevin Pugh u10s Girls

Finn Myers Under 16s Girls

Jo Smith / Ginny Hill Under 12s Girls

Andy Davies  / Chris Tipping Under 14 Girls

Toby Elkins Under 14 Boys

Chris Tipping – Mini Kickers Boys

Paige Parry – Under 8 girls

Scott Diston – Senior Side

Chris Tipping / Stephen Bond-Lewis – Veterans

CRC Volunteers 

Jason O’Keefe

Luke Davies

Andy Pearce

Mick Jennings

Natasha Davies

Ginny Hill

Mark Pugh

Club Photographers

Asia Piwien

Ellis Crombie

Building Committee and Fundraising 

Ginny Hill

Chris Tipping

Bernard Eacock (Planning and Architect)

Lucy Andrews

Michelle Taylor

Zoe Cripps

Stephanie Norris


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Hereford Home Schooling
JA Plastering Contractors Ltd
Kempowell Electrical Services
RRA Architects
Asda Foundation
AKI Industries
CN Sport
The DM Lab
Herefordshire Girls League
Herefordshire FA