Belmont Wanderers Football Club

Child Protection Policy

Every child and young person who plays football should be able to participate in
an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from abuse. This is the responsibility of every adult involved in football and within our Club.

We recognize, however, that child abuse is also a very emotive and difficult subject.
It is important to understand the feelings involved but not to allow them to
interfere with our judgement about any action to be taken.

Belmont Wanderers FC recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and
young people by protecting them from physical, sexual or emotional harm, and from
neglect or bullying. We are determined to meet our obligation to ensure that those
clubs and organisations providing football opportunities for children and young
people do so to the highest possible standard of care. Clear practices and procedures, in addition to a detailed training programme, are already underway, which will ensure that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them in relation to the protection of children and young people within our

It is essential that those children and young people attracted to and participating in
football are able to do so in a quality, safe and enjoyable environment. In striving
to attain this, Belmont Wanderers FC have the following objectives:

• Included in our rules is a policy statement concerning child protection
as suggested by the FA.
• It is a requirement that, as with all bodies affiliated to the Football
Association as Charter Standard Organisations or affiliated through
County Associations which provide the opportunity to work with
children and young people up to the age of 18, included in our rules is
a policy statement concerning child protection.
• To provide ongoing development and training opportunities for
members through the FA Coaches Association, as an integral part of all
FA coaching, medical education courses and courses for referees; in
staff development courses for members through the County Football
Association Structure; through the process of attaining and maintaining
the Charter Standard Award.

The Aims of the Child Protection Policy are: •

•To develop a positive and proactive position in order to best protect all children and young people who play football, enabling them to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment.

• To demonstrate best practice in the area of child protection

• To promote ethics and high standards throughout football

The key principles underpinning this policy are that:
• The child’s welfare is, and must always be, the paramount consideration.
• All children and young people have the right to be protected from abuse regardless of their age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual identity.

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