Belmont Wanderers Football Club

Disciplinary Procedure

All complaints regarding the behaviour of members should be submitted to the Secretary for consideration by the Management Committee. This may include any offence, either within football activities or outside, which might bring the Club into disrepute.

The Management Committee will have the power to suspend temporarily from membership any member accused of misconduct or abuse, pending further investigations or enquiries.  This suspension is to facilitate the investigation and is without prejudice to the outcome of the investigation.
Any Member thought to have infringed any of these Rules, or has been accused of any misconduct shall be invited to comment, in writing within fourteen days, on a written statement from the Secretary setting out the alleged breach.

The Management Committee will consider any reply at the next meeting and if not satisfied as to the suitability of continued membership shall set up a Disciplinary Committee of three to five Full Members, none of whom have any direct interest in the matter.

The Disciplinary Committee will make such further enquiries as it thinks fit and will offer a reasonable opportunity to the Member concerned with a friend, if so desired, to meet with it and answer the allegations and the Disciplinary Committee will hear such witnesses as are reasonably produced.

The Disciplinary Committee will make such procedural provisions as necessary for the just and efficient disposal of the case. The Disciplinary Committee will submit a written recommendation to the Management Committee within seven days of the final meeting with the Member, and the Management Committee will determine its decision as soon as is practical thereafter.

The Member concerned will receive written notification of the outcome within seven days of the decision.

The Member concerned may appeal against any decision as allowed in the F.A. Rules.

If the Disciplinary Committee is satisfied that there was an offence then it may recommend one or more of the following actions to the Management Committee: note the offence but take no further action; warn the Member concerned as to future conduct but no further action; suspend or disqualify the Member from football competition, coaching and/or administration for some definite or indefinite period; recommend to the Herefordshire F.A. that the Member be disqualified from any involvement in football for some definite or indefinite period; terminate the membership or such other penalty as the Disciplinary Committee considers appropriate.

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