Belmont Wanderers Football Club

Club Structure

BWFC currently with 5 Directors. Membership to the Club is open to any resident of Herefordshire.

The Directors have an early aim of increasing the number of people involved with the club.   The aims and objectives in section four highlight particular skills required in the areas of marketing and communications, youth football and fundraising but there is a general need for more willing bodies to help with the club’s development.   Attracting people to help with the club will be addressed through a focused community campaign and personal approaches by the Directors.


Since the club began, the members of BWFC have raised over £5,000 in grants and funding to maintain football. There has also been a modest increase in company membership and marginal growth in subscription from players. The Directors are now focused on raising sufficient capital through sponsorship and fundraising for the upcoming seasons.



The coaches and managers are currently working on growing their existing teams.  At present the club supports the men/boys/girls and ladies football however in upcoming seasons we will be seeking diversity in teams and abilities.   There is a desire to be able to attract more players to promote and grow grassroots football for all genders. This is wholly dependent on the ability to fundraise and increase memberships over the coming months.


The Directors are conscious that the facilities at the Belmont Pitches need work to provide what is required of a modern and appealing football club.  They are aware of what it will take to provide ongoing maintenance in the area, and of plans this are being put into place.


Accepting the serious competition of football, the Directors recognise that, in recent years, several clubs have made progress regarding their facilities and community engagement.  The Directors have already started to identify clubs and individuals who will be willing to share their experiences and potentially offer advice in the coming months and years.

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