Belmont Wanderers Football Club

Aims & Objectives

BWFC  has seven  stated  aims supported  by specific,  timetabled  objectives  to achieve  these aims.  In addition to the company’s aims, the club promotes three overarching themes which perpetuate throughout our plan.  These are:


  1. Community – becoming recognised as an important part of our community, being clear about what we contribute to the community and supporting that community wherever we can
  1. Quality – Building quality into everything we do and achieving recognition for that wherever possible
  1.  Equality – we are fair and impartial offering opportunities for all.


Ø  To improve on-the-field performance

Ø  To raise the profile of BWFC through improved and increased communications

Ø  To increase the number of people committed to helping the club

Ø  To increase the number of Committee members and Directors

Ø  To encompass the development of youth football

Ø  To improve facilities at Belmont Pitches

Ø  To improve financial sustainability


JA Plastering Contractors Ltd
RRA Architects
CN Sport
The DM Lab
Herefordshire Girls League
Herefordshire FA