Belmont Wanderers Football Club

FA Respect Campaign Policy

RESPECT barriers are put up prior to the game for parents and spectators to stand behind. Coaching staff will be on the other side of the pitch in their technical area during the game.

The technical areas for coaches and managers are clearly marked out. No more than 3 officials are allowed in this area during the game.

During the game, coaches, supporters and players are not allowed behind the goals.
At the start of the game, players and managers will line up and shake hands with the referee and the opposition.

The captain of the team will wear a captain’ s armband. The captain may at an appropriate time politely ask the referee to explain a decision.

At the end of the game the captain will lead ‘3 cheers’ and then the captain,
with the manager, will thank all the officials.

It is the club’s responsibility y to make the players, coaching staff and spectators are
fully aware of these RESPECT code.

Please let the coaches s do their job. Parents, guardians and spectators are thereto
support and encourage sportsmanship.

Referees are expected to adhere to the RESPECT code of conduct and ask
players, supporters, coaches and managers for their support in ensuring this

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