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6 Teams One Club – Belmont Wanderers FC at Fownhope Tournament

Asia Piwien

Today saw the girls and boys take part in the Fownhope Tournament, it was great to see with two teams from the boys and four teams from the girls.

The tournament was an exciting day for everyone involved in football not just at our club but others in the county too, Lads Club, Leominster, Pegasus, Bartestree to name a few, credit has to go to Fownhope for hosting a great day and we look forward to returning next year.

For the girls we saw one of our under 10s team and one under 12s team reach the semi-finals, with the other two teams narrowly missing out on a spot alongside them. Although we didn’t walk away with any silverware, the day was still outstanding, very pleasing as a coach and a parent to see the girls put 100% effort in. On the field we saw a mix mash of new talent and existing talent driving each other forward, the team spirit was through the roof.

The boys also held their own in a tough tournament, with one team making it to the semi-final only to be knocked out by a tough Llanfoist team who went on to win it.

The friendly atmosphere created by the children, parents and coaches meant we were able to take our Belmont Wanderers ethos to a different club, strengthen our bond as a club and develop our football. There were many football highlights, too many to list (see the photos), one highlight that made everyone laugh and smile, was too see the boys and girls together in the team photo then to follow up giving two of the boys the bumps for their birthdays. This showed the unity in the club and positivity running through the teams.

A word from the club: –

“To all the boys, girls, coaches and parents who were involved in today’s activities hold your heads high, you done Belmont Wanderers FC proud today, each of you wearing the club badge deserve every credit. We are growing as individuals, teams and as a club.”

Thanks for your support!

Here are some of the photos from the day provided by club photographer Asia Piwien, more to follow.


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