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Bristol Academy vs Manchester City W.F.C

This weekend we were lucky enough to take representatives from our club down to watch Bristol Academy vs Manchester City W.F.C, not only that they would be able to walk on with the players, some of which had played in the recent World Cup Campaign for the Lionesses.

It was a great opportunity provided by Amanda Evans the Manager at the Kindle South Wye Development Trust, after speaking to her on the phone she was able to set-up such a great way to inspire our girls. Her daughter Georgia Evans has recently signed a professional contract with Bristol Academy.

We took down girls from several age groups under 10s, under 12s and under 14s, it would be an understatement to say that all were excited (coaches and parents included).

Bristol Academy’s hospitality was brilliant meeting us not long after arriving, then bringing out special guest ‘Vicky the Vixen’. After the girls had their fun they were whisked away, ready to line up with the Manchester City women’s team. Excited parents and coaches waited with anticipation near the players entrance:


It wasn’t long before we got to see our girls walk out with their heroines, one by one we watched 11 players emerge along side a Manchester player, each girl doing us proud with beaming smiles on their faces!

The game was full of excitement we saw our local girl Georgia Evans play her part in a tough fixture, that saw Manchester City W.F.C win 3-0. With two goals from England star Toni Duggan, one of which was a phenomenal strike from outside the area, going in off the crossbar, then a third scored by Daphne Corboz.

Both during half time and full time players from both sides spent time greeting fans and signing autographs, making the effort at all occasions to please the on-lookers. It was great to see these ladies spend time with the crowd, our girls again beaming with smiles, even doing the odd selfie:

To view the full gallery click here

Final Word

To sum up the day would be hard in a few words, but the easiest one to use is simply inspirational!

A word from the club and myself:

Thanks to those who helped arrange such a wonderful day, also a big thanks to the players for just simply inspiring our girls. Women’s football needs all the support it can get, however with the recent surge in interest things are moving in the right direction. Heroins and heroes are made by doing something extraordinary, they are forever remembered by the people that idolise them. These women are already doing the extraordinary, its now up-to us the public, media, fans and parents to make sure they get all the support they deserve. They are inspiring the generations that will come after them and as each move forward the bigger it will become.

A bit of fun, our girls made BTSport during their walk-on, check out the video:

Team Sheets

Bristol Academy Women

Bristol Academy Women Substitutes

Manchester City Women

Manchester City Women Substitutes

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