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Help us raise money for a clubhouse using cryptocurrency

We are currently on a journey to try and raise over £200,000 to allow us to build a new club house for our community. After trying various traditional methods of fundraising we realise that to try and get substantial funding will be a huge challenge and although we haven’t given up on these, we needed to diversify. So one of our directors is currently obsessed by the crypto currency market, most will know this as bitcoin, however there is a huge underlying technology called blockchain that is creating a new wave of digital assets.  The most interesting thing behind these new technologies is the huge communities that follow or support them,  its these people we want to reach out to. After many years of confusion, cryptocurrency is becoming more and more adopted looking at real world use cases, we would like to be an example of how these communities can drive real world change. So we have selected a few communities to tap into and ask them to donate, we know there are many others to use and no particular reason why they haven’t been included as of yet.

Who are we reaching out to

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Ethereum
  • Vertcoin
  • Stellar Lumens
  • Verge
  • Bitcoin Cash

We are asking the communities to donate what ever they can, to help change the lifes of potentially 1000s of children now and in the future, in return we will monitor the campaign, keeping you all updated. The community that donates the most, we will feature there logo on shirts as a sponsor as well other club benefits to be announced.

How to donate?

Its simple you guys in the crypto market will already know this, all you need to do is send a donation to one of the following addresses:

  • Bitcoin – 1MiFqRA7UGhmG2UV3M5BYLBpMcpAYyMS2v
  • Ethereum – 0x060a39883645a6ce3834ec6cd1de00c4d0735c1f
  • Vertcoin – VtaRLMZ5EQHfjZUdaA9e4veKLhxhVjhoeW
  • Ripple – rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy
  • Litecoin – LWGXdzRv7rJ5xycYjgxx49kdUwFGGBh2yv
  • Verge – DBJ9MshvbQ3F91NYaVrFpa4RJWpKFZRtMR
  • Bitcoin cash – 1EMFp5VDNjNFvsA8k14s8t6A1yJxvJcSFR

So there it is, we are try to think out of the box and appreciate your support in advance, if it doesn’t work at least we have tried. Read on below for more information about our project and happy donating.

Belmont Wanderers Football Club was established in 2010, at this time the club only had two teams. In 2015 the club was granted CIC status. Since then we have taken on 13 teams; boys, girls, ladies and veterans. The football club is rapidly growing and we are looking at developing a new clubhouse on-site to provide a safe secure environment for people to change and use. The club has now successfully taken on a 25 year lease from the local authority, it’s a vast area of land that would have been wasted if we didn’t agree to take it on and maintain. This would have not only been detrimental to us but the surrounding community who use it for other activities, such as walking.

Our aim would be to make the new clubhouse a community based centre that will allow people to engage and use it throughout the year, not only being a central hive of activity but also allowing us to potentially employ local people.  It’s really important to understand that the club is situated in the lesser well of demographic area of Hereford and facilities are minimal, we would like to change that. Developing a new clubhouse will give the local community something to be proud of and use, already in our short time we have had many people getting involved, these are people who may not be good socially, or possess little confidence, both children and adults, that are now learning new persona and social skills, that could be transferred to other areas.  We are rapidly growing, however to sustain this growth we need to be able to offer a central facility that people are able to truly call theirs. In the future we would like to bring in more teams, as well as cater for disability sports.

The club has over 150 players all ranging in age and gender, plus additional volunteers and parents we have over 250 people associated with the football club are present. These are not only people from the surrounding areas but people who are over 10 miles away, so we not only cater for the initial surrounding areas we are also trying to reach further afield.  A clubhouse/community centre in this area would make a huge difference for many years to come effecting 1000s of people.


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